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Recycled Plastic Bottle Bag | | Moon Mama


SaveTheMermaids X Katie McLean
Limited Edition Totes in 3 designs
to promote ocean appreciation, awareness, and action.

Surfer & artist Katie McLean creates murals and illustrations inspired by the sea, nature, and female radiance.
Awareness: Save the Mermaids nonprofit brings awareness to ocean pollution, shares fun ways to be green, and hosts a children's ocean program in Santa Barbara, Ca.
This tote is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and containers. 
By using this tote, you keep 1,000 plastic bags out of landfills and our sea.
100% of proceeds fund a mural for Save the Mermaids' after-school program. Inspiring youth to live in awe of the sea & strive to protect it.

Show your love for the ocean's beauty & help keep pollution at bay with these Save the Mermaids X by Katie McLean reusable totes! Just tote your tote to the farmers market, yoga, beach, and all along your mermaid travels<3 

Eco-friendly, durable, washable, reusable, & Made in America.
18" wide x 13" tall with 25" straps
Blue Moon Baby
Moon Mama
Nopal Blossom

#THISBAGSAVESMERMAIDS @gypsyeye805 to share how you use your bag!
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See the whole process from inspiration, to art making, to final tote bags in use!
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Be Green Facts:
- Over 380 billion plastic bags are consumed in the U.S. each year. 
- The average U.S. family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only 4 trips to the grocery store. 
- Plastic bags are one of the most common trash items you'll see in the ocean and on the beach. 
+ These totes each have the potential to save 1,000 plastic bags over their lifetime.

- Producing the amount of plastic bottles that Americans consume each year requires 47 million barrels of oil and releases 1 billion lbs of CO2
+ Recycling plastic bottles takes 8x less energy than to produce new ones
+ Each tote is made from about 10 plastic bottles = 1 pound of polyester fiber

Be Green Tips:
Make it a New Year's Resolution to Say No to Plastic Bags.
By getting a cute, durable tote (like so!) you're more likely to use it.
Keep your tote in your car or by your door so you remember to use it.
Give one to a friend to exponentially contribute to ocean conservation.